Occupational Therapy

The primary focus of occupational therapy is to help individuals to achieve optimal quality of life and functional independence through the therapeutic use of daily activities. Children’s Therapy of Puget Sound provides therapeutic intervention to children who experience difficulties with motor, social/emotional, self-regulation, and/or self-care skills. As play is a child’s primary means of learning new skills, pediatric occupational therapy focuses on play-based therapeutic activities in order to help each client acquire and improve upon functional skills. Benefits of pediatric occupational therapy include, but are not limited to, improvement with the following:

  • Fine motor skills (i.e. grasping, visual-motor, finger isolation, bilateral coordination, in-hand manipulation)
  • Focus/attention to adult-directed activities
  • Utilization of effective copying strategies
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Behavior management
  • Functional play skills
  • Adaptive/Self-care skills (i.e. clothing management, self-feeding)
  • Social skills
  • Transitions

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a skilled treatment method that can be used in place of or in conjunction with land-based occupational or physical therapy in order to help a child to achieve optimal function in daily activities. Providing therapeutic interventions within a water-setting allows for a therapist to address motor, social/emotional, self-regulation and/or self-care skills in an environment that many children find to be fun and motivating. Benefits of pediatric aquatic therapy may include, but are not limited to, improvement with the following:

  • Motor Skills
  • Upper and lower body as well as core muscle strength
  • Water safety awareness
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Balance, coordination and spatial awareness
  • Social skills

Working in water also allows for reduced abnormal muscle tone, anxiety and overall stress.

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